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Ramadan Hosting & Gifting

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Ramadan Hosting & Gifting

An abundant cheese board is a simple, satisfying way to break the fast with family and friends. Celebrate Eid, or your iftar meal, with our curated Ramadan Collection. Or choose your own selection of vegetarian cheeses and perfect pairings like jam, honey, nuts, and dried fruit. Whether for gifting or hosting, a Murray’s spread brings food lovers together. Wishing you and your loved ones a peaceful Ramadan.

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Ramadan Collection
Meredith Dairy Marinated Feta 11 oz
Firefly Farms Merry Goat Round 6oz
Maplebrook Farm Burrata 2x4 oz
Maplebrook Farm Burratini 4x2oz
Murray's Sundried Cherries 8oz
Be Home Olive Wood Mini Square Board
Murray's Tasting Notebook
Murray’s Deluxe Cooler
Murray's Cheese Heart Tote
Murray's Jam Trio Gift Set 28.8oz